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Four recently published case studies, described below, focus on different forms of bioenergy and detail the steps needed to build country level evidence to support bioenergy policy formulation. The case studies use the  Bioenergy and Food Security (BEFS)...

2019年3月29日,罗马/马普托 — 受热带气旋"伊代"的袭击,非洲南部三个国家的农民和渔民的生命和生计受到严重威胁,其中莫桑比克国内社区受到的打击尤为严重。对于一个80%的人口依赖农业为生的国家而言,在洪水消退后确保牲畜存活、恢复受破坏的土地以及重新恢复粮食生产将是至关重要的,粮农组织今日表示。

For many centuries, the Amazon has been home to millions of people who live in harmony with nature. These communities have developed ways of living and methods of farming that safeguard the land and its resources.  

Climate change threatens not only...

Bamako — A well-targeted, efficiently-crafted, and locally-driven climate change adaptation and mitigation measures can improve social and economic conditions, and protect the livelihood of communities of the fragile ecosystems of the Sahel.

This was the message conveyed by experts from the Food...