Изменение климата

Compliance with the Enhanced Transparency Framework under the Paris Agreement

National GHG inventories: Building a national greenhouse gas inventory can be challenging. FAO supports capacity development to strengthen technical skills to collect data and estimate emissions in the Agriculture, Forestry and other Land Use sectors, and report GHG data to the UNFCCC.

Tracking adaptation:
This is not a formal requirement and there are no internationally agreed indicators. FAO is undertaking a comprehensive overview of adaptation needs. Within countries this supports evidence-based decision-making and could unlock additional investment for climate change adaptation in the agriculture sectors. 

Reporting on international support and needs:
Under the Paris Agreement, developed countries have committed to providing financial, technological and capacity support to developing countries. Resources and support must be tracked and as a member of the Global Donor Platform for Rural Development, FAO is well positioned to support countries in cataloguing these inflows. 

Resources and tools: