Climate Change

Submission to the UNFCCC on the Koronivia joint work on agriculture

March 2018: The submissionKoronivia joint work on agriculture (Decision 4/CP.23)' describes FAO’s views on the Koronivia Joint Work on Agriculture, with references to the support available through FAO to assist the effective implementation of the decision. The support to countries focuses on the elements outlined in the decision, addressing soil, livestock, nutrient and water management, assessments of adaptation and the socio economic and food security dimensions of climate change in the agriculture sectors.

Overall, FAO assists countries in implementing climate action in agricultural sectors in the following five key areas:

1. Compliance with the framework of the Paris Agreement and UNFCCC

2. Coherent policy frameworks for climate action in the agriculture sectors

3. Research, analysis and tools

4. Knowledge sharing and capacity development

5. Scaling up climate investment