Climate Change

Climate Adaptation in Wetland Areas of Lao PDR (CAWA)

The project uses an ecosystem-based adaptation (EBA) approach whereas the ability of wetlands to buffer local people livelihoods against climate change impacts will be safeguarded through a combination of improved planning and governance conditions, direct investments in climate change adaptation measures and activities to strengthen their livelihoods. 

The focus is on three components:

  1. Planning with science & local knowledge: Vulnerability assessments will be conducted involving interviews and meetings. Understanding of Climate Change impacts and risks, to enhance capacities of communities, local and central administrations to design priorities and implement Climate Change Adaptation, promote gender issues and Disaster Management Measures in the two target wetlands.
  2. Implementation of some adaptation measures: Efficient and cost-effective measures to reduce the impact of Climate Change and natural disasters on wetlands eco-systems and/or local livelihoods. Adaptation options will look at land use planning, community and social adaptation, engineering solution, wetland management and diverse Best Practices options to ensure a sustainable livelihood for villagers.
  3. Institutional mechanisms and structure: Integration of Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Management Measures in wetland in local and national planning processes. Best Practices replicated in other wetlands in Lao PDR.