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Изменение климата

EX-Ante Carbon balance Tool (EX-ACT)

The Ex-Ante Carbon-balance Tool (EX-ACT), an appraisal system developed by FAO, provides ex-ante estimates of the impact of agriculture and forestry development projects, programmes and policies on the carbon-balance. The carbon-balance is defined as the net balance from all greenhouse gases expressed in CO2 equivalent that were emitted or sequestered due to project implementation as compared to a business-as-usual scenario.

Currently public and private partner initiatives are promoting the progressive integration of carbon balance appraisal and monitoring at project and policy level, e.g. ex ante appraisal at value chain and farm level. The Ex-ante Carbon balance Tool (EX-ACT) is an example of such a decision making tool. It provides ex-ante estimates of the impact of land uses and land use changes on GHG emissions and carbon sequestration. For more information


The EX-ACT team have also developed guidelines on how to use the EX-Ante Carbon-balance Tool to estimate GHG emissions from management activities in the aquaculture and fisheries sector. For more information on this and related case studies: