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Type: Learning
Year: 2015

The new FAO Learning tool on Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMAs) in agriculture, forestry and other land use sector (AFOLU) is now available. The tool has been designed for colleagues working in the agriculture sectors who want to understand more about the NAMA concept and increase their capacity to contribute to national and global climate change mitigation goals. It provides clear, easy to follow guidance on the identification, development and implementation of country specific climate change mitigation actions in the AFOLU sector.

Type: Learning
Year: 2014

This course provides the necessary knowledge to design, develop and implement agricultural projects and programmes that address the challenges of a changing climate. It is useful for professionals working in agricultural development who need to learn how to mainstream effectively climate change considerations in their projects and programmes.

Type: Learning
Year: 2014

The Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation Module of the Sustainable Fores Management Tool Box aims to assist forest managers in assessing and responding to climate-change challenges and opportunities. It provides both basic and more detailed information on key issues to be considered in assessing climate-change vulnerability and risks and adaptation and mitigation options. The module provides links to important tools and to cases in which these tools have been applied in forestry to adapt to, and mitigate the impacts of, climate change.

Type: Learning
Year: 2014

This e-learning course on the Responsible Governance of Tenure is made up of five smaller courses that teach the user about:

  • making access to land, fisheries and forests more equitable
  • how to protect people's tenure rights
  • options to simplify the administration of tenure and make it accessible to all
  • how to ensure disputes are resolved before they degenerate into conflict

Governing land for women and men       
Addressing Tenure Issues in the Context of Natural Disasters
Addressing Corruption in the Tenure of Land, Fisheries and Forests
Addressing Disputes and Conflicts over the Tenure of Natural Resources
Introduction to the Responsible Governance of Tenure

Type: Learning
Year: 2012

This course provides an overview of the impacts of climate change on food security, introducing climate-smart agriculture and practices that contribute to climate change adaptation, mitigation, food security and development.

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