Изменение климата

Будучи глобальной организацией, занимающейся формированием, накоплением, распространением и обменом знаниями, ФАО производит огромное количество продуктов на базе последних результатов своих проектов и программ, а также инструментов для развития потенциала. Кроме того, ФАО предлагает целый спектр программного обеспечения и баз данных, касающихся взаимосвязи между продовольственной безопасностью и изменением климата.


Type: Publications
Year: 2010
Las experiencias exitosas seleccionadas y sistematizadas en el presente documento son un
instrumento que permitirá promover políticas a nivel local, nacional y regional que estén
orientadas en la prevención, preparación, respuesta y rehabilitación de la producción agropecuaria ante desastres naturales, con el fin de resguardar la seguridad alimentaria y los medios de vida de los pequeños agricultores y ganaderos.
Type: Publications
Year: 2009
This resource book has been prepared as a reference and training guide for building the capacity of agricultural extension workers and development professionals to deal with climate change impacts and adaptation, specifically targeting drought-prone areas of Bangladesh. It also presents suggestions for a three-day training course that would be readily adaptable for any areas of Bangladesh affected by climate-related risks. The information presented on climate change adaptation would enable participants to prepare, demonstrate and implement location-specific adaptation practices and thus to improve the adaptive capacity of rural livelihoods to climate change in agricultural and other sectors.
thus, to improve the adaptive capacity of rural livelihoods to climate change in agriculture and
allied sectors.
Type: Publications
Year: 2008

This report provides a summary of the working approach developed and tested to promote community-based adaptation within agriculture in Bangladesh. It presents lessons learned from the implementation process as well as the details of good practice options for drought risk management in the context of climate change.

Type: Publications

This analysis aims to summarize the views submitted on KJWA topics  2(d) that were discussed during the SB 51 in December 2019, namely: Topic 2(d) - Nutrient use and manure management. The analysis intends to make the wide range of views submitted more easily accessible to those interested, including to Parties and observers to the UNFCCC, but also experts working on climate change more generally, as well as interested members of the public.

Type: Publications


This case study describes the key steps taken to formulate and implement a National Adaptation Plan (NAPs) in Thailand, with a particular emphasis on adaptation in agriculture (including forestry, livestock and fisheries). It aims to offer valuable insights to national policy makers and other stakeholders who are on the same NAP journey to address the challenges posed by climate change.


The case study also presents the lessons learned from the Integrating Agriculture in National Adaptation Plans (NAP–Ag) programme and its activities in Thailand.