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The conference will take place on the 21st April in Mumbai, India. It will focus on policy intervention, conceptual frameworks and awareness of climate-smart agriculture (CSA), innovative solutions and technologies for efficient utilisation of natural resources, case study presentations, ways...

Women on average make up 43% of the agricultural labour force in developing countries and account for an estimated two-thirds of the world's 600 million poor livestock keepers (FAOSTAT). 

8th March is International Women’s day and this year’s theme is “Women in...

FAO report stresses need to increase agricultural productivity

Some 153 million people, representing about 26 percent of the population above 15 years of age in sub-Saharan Africa, suffered from severe food insecurity in 2014-15, according to a new FAO report. The...

17 November 2016, Rome -- Recognizing the disproportionate burden that climate change places on small island developing states (SIDS), FAO will support six African island nations in their efforts to make their agriculture more resilient to climate shocks and boost economic...

2016年9月13日,罗马 - 印度自我就业妇女协会与粮农组织正在加大合作力度,通过实施以妇女和青年赋权为重点的地方举措,推动亚洲和非洲的农村发展,减少农村贫困。


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