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Madagascar is currently the 5th worldwide among countries most exposed to risks due to climate change and the first country in Africa exposed. For 30 years since 1980, natural hazards including droughts, earthquakes, epidemics, floods, cyclones and extreme temperatures, caused...

2015年12月21日,罗马 - 英国国际发展部和粮农组织通过签署一项新的协议来加强其伙伴关系,推动未来在多个领域的合作。“粮农组织和英国国际发展部的共同愿景是建设一个社区拥有粮食保障,其生产性资产受到保护的全球自然资源得到可持续管理的世界,”粮农组织总干事若泽·格拉济阿诺·达席尔瓦今天说。“在英国对粮农组织诸多领域工作的支持下,我们有能力共同去实现这一愿景,而且现在能够更具战略性地和有效地推动该进程,”他补充说。

2015年10月27日,莱索托莱里贝 – 如果询问90岁的马特拉(Rammitsane Matela)有关这些年来气候条件对于莱索托农村地区种田的农民而言发生了哪些变化,他无须多想便可回答。



Experts from the Eastern Africa sub-region have launched a new climate-smart agriculture platform that will aid in scaling up climate-smart agriculture (CSA) practices in the region. The Platform will support East African countries to address sub-regional issues related to Climate-smart...

An ambitious five-year project on integrated natural resources management in drought-prone and salt-affected areas is on its way to take-off, thanks to US$ 11 million in financing from the Global Environment Facility (GEF). The FAO project will assist Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan,...

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