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الموارد التالية متعلقة بالزراعة الذكية مناخيا وتهدف إلى مساعدة أصحاب المصلحة والباحثين في المستوى العالمي والإقليمي والميداني في عملهم من أجل تنفيذ ممارسات الزراعة الذكية مناخيا.


Overview and Key messages 
8.1 Introduction 
8.2 Adaptation and mitigation needs 
8.3 Climate-smart livestock 
8.4 Conclusions

Overview and Key messages 
10.1 Introduction 
10.2 Climate-smart approaches 
10.3 Practical themes for developing climate-smart fisheries and aquaculture 
10.4 Strategic climate-smart approaches for the sector 
10.5 Progress of fisheries and aquaculture towards CSA 
10.6 Transitioning to CSA 
10.7 Conclusions

Overview and Key messages 
11.1 Introduction to sustainable and inclusive food value chains 
11.2 Sustainable and inclusive food value chains in practice: the case of food losses and waste 
11.3 Step-by-step approach for chain actors to improve their performance
along the sustainable and inclusive food value chain
11.4 Conclusions

Overview and Key messages 
12.1 Introduction 
12.2 Key institutions for CSA initiatives
12.3 Building synergies 
12.4 Quick institutional context assessment 
12.5 Conclusions