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L'agriculture intelligente face au climat


Overview and Key messages 
13.1 Climate-smart agriculture within larger economic and policy frameworks 
13.2 Improve market accessibility: policy and financial instruments 
13.3 Improving access to knowledge and monitoring: the role of implementing actors 
13.4 Conclusions

Overview and Key messages 
14.1 Introduction 
14.2 How does climate change affect investment needs for agriculture? 
14.3 Global climate finance: catalysing the transition towards CSA 
14.4 Preparing for the way forward in international CSA financing

Overview and Key messages 
15.1 Disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation 
15.2 Planning for resilience against multiple risks 
15.3 Building on community-based approaches to DRR and adaptation 
15.4 Scaling up proven technologies and practices for resilient livelihoods 
15.5 The enabling framework of DRR to support CSA 
15.6 Concluding remarks and recommendations

Overview and Key messages 
16.1 Introduction 
16.2 Social protection and safety nets – a conceptual overview 
16.3 Key functions of safety nets in relation to CSA 
16.4 Challenges and lessons learned 
16.5 Conclusions

Overview and Key messages 
17.1 Introduction 
17.2 Strategies for improving policy coherence and effectiveness 
17.3 Strategies for knowledge sharing and effective learning 
17.4 Conclusions