Research Areas

Six Villages, Andhra Pradesh, India

The focus of the study are six villages with high indicators of poverty and livelihoods reliant on rainfed agriculture in the drought-prone districts of Anantapur and Mahabubnagar.

Study Participants

Two hundred and one farmers (106 women and 95 men) participated in the quantitative survey, while approximately 180 farmers participated in the focus group discussions. The men and women farmers have land holdings of 2.5 – 5 acres and are above 35 years old; the large majority of land owners are men. The study participants rely primarily on agriculture for their livelihoods and food security, but increasingly seasonal migration, loans, and government-funded programmes are adopted as livelihood strategies and to ensure food security. The major crops grown include paddy, ground nut, red gram, castor, jowar, sesame and green gram.

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