Scheduled events

21 - 22 October 2009

FAO/UNDP Meeting in collaboration with the associations of regions (FOGAR, CPRM…) on the role of regions in climate change adaptation

Following the High-Level FAO Conference on World Food Security: the Challenges of Climate Change and Bioenergy in June 2008 and the World Summit of Regions on Food Security organised by nrg4SD and CPMR on « Climate Change : The Regions in Action » in October 2008, FAO and UNDP have decided to move forward with further policy development and partnership building discussions between stakeholders by organising a meeting on “Agricultures and Fisheries confronting climate change”. The purpose of this meeting is to promote exchanges between the various stakeholders (regional governments, farmers and fishermen organizations, international organizations); to have them share their practical experiences and identify possible climate adaptation and/or mitigation partnerships.

This meeting is to be organized in collaboration with CPMR and FOGAR and will be held in Brest, France on 21-22 October 2009. It will be held back-to-back with the 3rd Assises de la solidarité internationale en Bretagne (3rd Assembly Meeting on International Solidarity in Brittany) on 23-24 October on the issue of food security. These two meetings may be included in the series of preparatory events for the forthcoming World Summit of Regions on Food Security to be convened in Dakar in January 2010.

18 - 19 January 2010

World Summit of Regions on Food Security, sponsored by FOGAR and CPMR. January 2010, Dakar, Senegal

The World Summit of Regions on Food Security organised by CPMR and FOGAR will be held on 18-19 January 2010 under the chairmanship of Mr. Abdoulaye Wade, President of the Republic of Senegal.

This Summit will provide a valuable opportunity to work on priority issues confronting regional governments and to establish a dialogue on food security between local and national authorities and international organizations. Through the leverage effect of decentralization on the improvement of food security for the communities, the key contributions regional governments can produce in the search for innovating solutions to the food security problem will be illustrated through practical examples; these contributions closely address the needs of the communities and are complementary to central government’s actions.

The key operational objective of this Summit is to establish partnerships between Regions and between regional governments and donors aiming at improving global food security.

Past events

29-30 October 2008

World Summit of Regions on Food Security, organised by nrg4SD and CPMR. “Climate Change: The Regions in Action”, 29-30 October 2008, Saint-Malo, France.

With the attendance of 650 delegates representing 99 regions and around thirty other levels of decentralised government, and 59 nationalities represented including 37 outside Europe, all continents across the globe were represented at the Saint-Malo Summit. The Summit was organised by the Network of Regional Governments for Sustainable Development (nrg4SD) with the support of the Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions of Europe whose membership includes 160 regions. The Saint-Malo Summit also boasted the participation of United Nations agencies (UNDP and UNEP), the Global Environment Facility, the European Union, the European Environment Agency and the Sahara and Sahel Observatory. During these two days, the participants shared their experiences (33 regional experiences presented in plenary sessions and workshops), comparing their aspirations and setting the milestones for the future.

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