Video: Climate-Smart
Agriculture at the 3rd Global
Conference on Agriculture,
Food Security
and Climate Change

Video: Wendy Mann (FAO) talks
about gaps in climate-smart



EPIC Climate-Smart
Agriculture Introductory video

Q&A on FAO livestock report Building Resilience in
Rural Communities
in Southern Africa

Strengthening capacities
for disaster management
and adaptation
to climate change

Best practice for farmers
in Dominican Republic:
The Coffee Rust Disease
Food Waste


 Changing Landscapes
of the Mediterranean

Kenya climate-smart agriculture in action

Soils: a
hidden resource



National Forest
Inventory of Ecuador 
Part 1

National Forest
Inventory of Ecuador -
Part 2
National Forest
Inventory of Ecuador - Part 3

Soils: helping
to combat & adapt
to climate change

Mountains and
Climate Change:
A Global Concern
Promoting community
based seed production
farmer groups to
manage climate risks
 The future of Russia's forests Seeds of Diversity Prevention saves lives,
saves livelihoods,
saves money
Hungry Planet 16:
Special Report
FAO Building Resilience
in Ethiopia
Rio+20 Special Report
Hungry Planet, Episode 15



 Rio+20 and beyond:
together for a sustainable future

Soil Carbon Monitoring in Tanzania 

 Wildlife in a changing climate
India's barefoot
water scientists
Protecting forests
to preserve livelihoods

Forest industries
in a green economy
Turning the tide on
desertification in Africa

State of the
World's Forests 2011:
regenerating forests
in the Philippines
Peter Holmgren
UN Food and
Agriculture Organization

Conservation Agriculture
in the South of Brazil

UN-REDD video
CD-ROM FAO publications v.5
 Forests and climate change: 
A convenient truth
World Food Day Video
World Food Day Video:
Adapting to Climate
Change in Bangladesh

FAO urges coordinating policies
on sustainable forest management
for climate change
Wulf Killmann
Director of Forest Product
and Industries Division at FAO
Download the mp3

Radio Spot: World Food Security,
the Challenges
of Climate Change and Bioenergy
Download the mp3

Rwanda: A wiser use
of wetlands for Food Security
Mr Stanislas Kamanzi
Minister of Natural Resources
Ms Rose Mukankomeje
Director-General of Rwanda
Environment Management
Authority (REMA)
Download the MP3



AWG-LCA Negotiations -
Workshop on mitigation in
the agricultural sector

4 April 2009, Bonn
Launch of UN-REDD Programme
2008, New York
FAO side events at COP14
December 2008
High Level Conference
June 2008



Dealing with Drought 

World Food Day 2008

Climate change June 2008


Food security June 2008


Interactive Map on
Climate Change and Water

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