Project Area

The beneficiaries are 3000 families of small farmers vulnerable to food insecurity located in the watersheds of the Ahuachapán Department, in the following municipalities:

  • San Francisco Menéndez
  • Guaymango
  • San Pedro Tuxtla
  • Jujutla
  • Ahuachapán
  • San Lorenzo
  • Tacuba

These municipalities are in different stages of extreme poverty (severely high, moderate andlow). In the rural areas of Ahuachapán, agriculture constitutes 78% of activity among farmers, of which 47.7% possess the land they work.

Regardless of the form of land tenure, the average area per producer is 1 ha, where the main activity is the cultivation of staple grain crops. 17.4% of these areas are worked by women, showing an evident gender gap in terms of land tenure, also found in access to technical assistance, credit and training.

As for poverty, 46.7% of households live in extreme poverty, 27.2% are relatively poor and 26.1% are considered non-poor.

last updated:  Tuesday, February 12, 2013