Project outcome and outputs

Project Outcome:

Enhanced resilience of the agriculture sector against the impacts of natural hazards thus increasing the sustainable attainment of food and livelihoods security.

Project Outputs:

1. Improved capacities of the Forestry, Fisheries and Agriculture Department staff to systematically review/update and implement national risk mitigation policies in their respective sub-sectors and provide technical assistance to community level DRM stakeholders within the agriculture sectors.

2. Community based risk mitigation approaches promoted and measures identified, and tested demonstration activities involving farmers and fishers as well as representatives of other groups vulnerable to hydro-meteorological hazards.

3. Improved capacities for vulnerability mapping and damage assessment.

4. Development of a communication public awareness programme, making use of the local dialect "Kweyol" and local media including the Government Information Service and the Agricultural Communications Unit, targeted to farmers and civil society.

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