Implementation: January 2009 - March 2012
Country: Perú

The joint Program "Integrated and adaptive management of environmental resources and climatic risks in high Andean watersheds" aims at mainstreaming adaptation to climate change in district and regional governments, producers’ associations, and local populations in general. To this end, the project developed a wide range of capacity building activities complemented by activities for generation of information, pilot projects and specific support for sustainable and adaptive forms of agricultural production and natural resource management.

The project looked at achieving the following results:

1. Provincial and district governments have increased their capacity to plan, develop and implement, inform and coordinate initiatives compatible with sustainable resource management and associated services (with emphasis on water, soil and forestry) and internalize measures to adapt to climate change in tools and regulatory frameworks and programming.

2. Strengthened capacity of producer associations and grassroots organizations in general, to develop, access and apply practices for sustainable natural resource management in a participatory and concerted manner (with emphasis on water, soil and forestry) and related services that relate to their needs and respond to changing conditions.

3. Producer associations and local people have access and participate in competitive and innovative models based on production systems compatible with sustainable management of natural resources and the use of local potential and market oriented that promote fair and sustainable increases in income levels and quality of life.

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