Production Calendars

  • Strengthening of barter as an autonomous adaptation measure.
  • Farmer Field Schools as a dialogue strategy to exchange and promote traditional knowledge, ownership and dissemination of experiences.
  • Strengthening of organizational capacities for sustainability
  • Food security parcels and diversification of production systems.

Adaptative land management


  • Designation and regulation of indigenous conservation areas
  • Protection of water, buffer areas and sources
  • Connectivity and continuity of ecosystems
  • Seed Savers Network
  • Planning and Risk Management 

Planning and Risk Management

  • Participatory risk analysis for land use planning and Risk Management Plan
  • Training for mayors and local councils in indigenous guards on risks associated with climate change
  • Landscape engineering with local materials for prevention of risks in critical areas
  • Climate monitoring, water and building of early warning systems
  • Decreased vulnerability and contribution to achieving the MDGs 

Reduction of vulnerability and contribution to the achievement of the MDGs

  • Access systems and storage of water for human consumption and production
  • Training in administration, management, use and conservation of water
  • Awareness raising in schools on water and climate change
  • Demonstrations to improve housing conditions in a healthy environment
last updated:  Wednesday, January 9, 2013