Demonstrations on the drought tolerance of rice, wheat and maize were carried out in all districts involved in the project. Six to seven drought tolerance varieties of major crops are included in the sets and three sets in each district were tested. The objective of this demonstration was to select better varieties participatively with the farmers for drought risk reduction.


Crop Management

[-]Farmer Field Schools were used to demonstrate the performance of true potato seeds, seed storage methods, adaptation practices. The objectives of this demonstration included:

  • Development of capacities of local community to cope/adapt to climate change using good management practices
  • Enhance the capacities of farmers to understand climate change adaptationstrategies through a participatory approach
  • Create a venue for farmers to share their experience and learn from each other

Weather and Climate

[-]Farmer groups and women groups were introduced to forecast products received from Department of Hydrology and Meteorology (DHM) and interpretation of weather data available from the local weather stations. The experts from the DHM participated in rehabilitation of existing weather stations in six districts. The data available at the local level was analysed and provided to the farmer groups for discussion about the historical risks and suitable management practices.
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