For the AMICAF project in the Philippines, FAO partners with the Department of Agriculture, and other governmnent agencies and academic institutions. All four components of the AMICAF approach are implemented. Components 1 and 4 are linked with FAO's Asian Regional Rice Initiative pilot project.

AMICAF went into operation in the Philippines in early 2012. Component 1 work is in its final stage and will be finalized by the end of 2013. Component 2 will end by early 2014. Component 3 field activities started in Bicol region from 2012 wet season, and in Caraga region from 2013 dry season. Component 4 work is in progress.

Fore more information about AMICAF in the Philippines, please contact Eulito U. Bautista, AMICAF National Project Manager.

last updated:  Monday, August 31, 2015