Views from the field

The FAO Climate Change website team had a chance to chat with some of the participants in the FAO Climate Change Days who shared their views on the priorities of each region when it comes to climate change.

Lamourdia Thiombiano
Senior Soil Resources Officer
FAO Sub regional Office for Eastern Africa                                                      

Mohamed Bazza
Senior Irrigation and Water Resources Officer of the
FAO Regional office for the Near East

Laura Meza
Senior Consultant on Climate Change and Disaster
Risk Management, of the FAO Multidisciplinary Team
for South America

Einstein Tejada
National Coordinator of the Emergency and
Rehabilitation Unit
TCER of the FAO representation in Bolivia

Zhijun Chen
Coordinator of the FAO Regional office for Asia and the
Pacific Climate Change working group

Rene Czudek
Forestry Officer of the
FAO Subregional Office for Southern Africa

last updated:  Thursday, January 27, 2011