FAO Climate Change Days: Share and Learn

On June 21-23, the workshop FAO Climate Change Days: Share and Learn took place at FAO headquarters, hosted by NRC, OEK and NRL. Around 35 participants from regional, subregional and country offices participated, representing FAO climate change projects with a large variety of objectives. From Rome, about 70 people from headquarters signed up to participate, as well as a small number of climate change professional from World Food Programme, International Fund for Agricultural Development and Bioversity.

The purpose of the workshop was to initiate a community of practice in FAO, connecting climate change practitioners within FAO and promoting sharing of project experiences to meet the evolving needs of stakeholder countries. Good practices that have emerged from work within the organization can thereby be spread, and become part of a knowledge base for improved working practices on climate change in different settings. Knowledge sharing and networking among FAO colleagues, across sectoral and geographic boundaries are key in dealing with cross-cutting issues such as climate change.

The three days of the workshop were organized in sessions covering technical topics such as REDD+, NAPA formulations, policy and UNFCCC negotiations, cc impacts on land and water resources an management options, vulnerability impact assessments and disaster risk management.

Building on successful experiences from the Share Fair, held at FAO HQ in January 2009, the FAO Climate Change Days was organised around a variety of interactive approaches, aiming to bring out, discuss and document experiences, challenges and successes.

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