Project area

Juye, the selected pilot county for the project, is located in the southwest of the Shandong province, P.R. China, between 115.47°and 116.13° east longitude and 35.05°and 35.30° north latitude. The county is geographically located in the lower reaches of the Yellow River; The County occupies 1,308 sq km, of which, 76,455 hectares are arable land. Juye is a traditional agricultural county. Animal husbandry, cotton, vegetables, fast growing forests, and fruits are its main products. The county has 16 townships and an Economic Development Zone with a total population of 930,000 spread among 866 administrative villages. More than 90% of the rural people depend mainly on agriculture and migrant work for income.

Project sites

Four administrative villages located in the water logging areas of Juye County were selected as project pilot sites for testing different project activities related to Disater Risk Management.




NancaoQilinAs pilot for farmers’ cooperative
LiuxiQilinAs pilot for culvert demonstration
Qiangengqiao QilinAs pilot for farmers’ cooperative
CaolouDushanAs pilot for fishery component


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last updated:  Monday, March 21, 2011