Strengthening disaster preparedness in agriculture

The frequency of natural hazards and disasters in China is very high. Agriculture is one of the most exposed and vulnerable sectors. The Government of China has released in 2005 a new policy framework and legislation on natural disaster prevention . The new framework identified further improved disaster preparedness and mitigation as additional priorities for sucessful disaster risk management. The FAO technical cooperation project to Enhance Disaster Preparedness of Agricultural Sector in Juye County was requested by Chinese Government to assist from an agriculture sector perspective in designing and pilot testing an operational strategy to implement at county level the policy shift from the previously emergency relief oriented approach towards the new policy.  

The project was implemented between August 2007 - December 2009. This website reports on project outcomes and recommendations.

Project objective:

The overall project objective was to assist the Ministry of Agriculture, on a pilot basis in Juye, in testing and operationalizing the shift from an emergency response oriented approach towards the new policy framework, which gives equal importance to disaster risk prevention and preparedness. More specific project outcomes included:

  • Reduction in the economic losses of farmers due to the impacts of recurrent natural disasters, and building of their capacities and resilience so that they can mitigate future impacts from natural calamities;
  • Reduction in environmental degradation (alkalization of soils) by enhancing the operational capacities and coordination mechanisms for risk prevention and management at county, prefecture and provincial levels;
  • Improvement of farmer's livelihoods overall, which is the most important outcome. 

last updated:  Monday, July 4, 2011