ADPC (2008): Situation Assessment of Disaster Risk Management in Juye County, Shandong Province, P.R. China (English / Chinese).
CIAD (2007): Action Plan for Promoting Farmer’s Cooperative Development in Pilot Villages (English / Chinese).
CIAD (2007): Report on the training of farmer' cooperative development (English).
Dong Hezhong, et al., (2009): Summarizing Report on Increase the Resilience to Floods by Introducing Agricultural Technologies in Juye County (Chinese).
Liu Yonggong, Hong Yujie and Wang Xiaoli (2008): Survey Report on Functions and Roles of FC in CBDM (English).
Liu, Yonggong & Wang, Li (2007): Report of Baseline Survey and Training Needs Assessment (English / Chinese). 
Liu Yonggong, Wang Xiaoli, Li Jian, Wang Li, Xiao Chuan, Baas Stephan (2009): Final Technical Report (TCP/CPR 3105) (EnglishChinese)
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Wang Yangui (2008): Control of Water logging and Drought and Restoration of Water Conservancy Projects in Qilin Town, Juye County (English).


Training Material

The following posters are available for downloading:

  1. Disaster Risk Reduction Through Rehabilitation of Degraded Soils (English / Chinese)
  2. Enhanced Water Management: An Essential Aspect of DRM (English / Chinese)
  3. Gender Mainstreaming in Disaster Risk Management (English / Chinese)
  4. Promoting Farmers Cooperatives as Partners in DRM (English / Chinese)
  5. Promoting Stress Tolerant Cotton Varieties (English / Chinese)
  6. Promoting Stress Tolerant Wheat Varieties (English / Chinese)

Background Material

  1. National Plan for Comprehensive Disaster Reduction During the "Eleventh Five-Year Plan'' Period of the PRC (English / Chinese)
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