Achieved project outputs

1. Locally adapted risk assessment methodology designed and tested among local institutions and herding households, and available for replication in other counties after project completion.
2. Annual over-winter risk management plans for the pilot villages and counties developed, and consolidated into a pastoral risk management agenda for Qinghai  Province available by September 2004; Technical capacities for pastoral risk management and coordination mechanism of township, county and prefecture levels improved.
3. Herders' economic co-operative associations for self-assistance established and operational in two pilot villages.

4. Improved winter preparation and risk prevention capacities within pilot villages institutionalized and implemented including:

  • Rangeland improvement measures;
  • Increased forage production and storage in herders' households;
  • Methods and mechanisms developed for adjustment of herd and flock structures before winter;
  • Veterinary stations equipped and staff trained to regularly monitor and treat livestock against parasitic and epidemic diseases.
5. Risk warning system for herders developed.
6. Training programme to increase stakeholder capabilities and skills in risk prevention and management.

The project outputs were translated into one pastoral risk management strategy for Qinghai. The proposed strategy was submitted for implementation to provincial and lower levels of government - prefectures, counties, townships – and should be endorsed by herder co-operative groups where they exist or are being formed.

last updated:  Thursday, May 5, 2011