Pastoral Risk Management Agenda

The proposed PRM agenda is composed of 5 mutually reinforcing components, each presented as a set of strategies.




Grazing and pasture resource management 1: Measuring and monitoring grazing resources 
  • Introduce pastoral resource assessments
  • Pasture mapping
  • Pasture probes
  • Better data on livestock and pasture 
2: Grassland managment
  • Pasture tenure
  • Reserved grazing areas
  • Improving grassland productivity
  • Soil degradation 
Winterfeeding3: Feed and fodder production & management 
  • Introduce hay to feeding routine
  • Oats production
  • Manure application
  • Feed concentrates 
4: Fodder markets, banks and emergency funds 
  • Create household hay reserves
  • Emergency fodder stocks
  • Emergency cash fund 
Livestock production, breeding and health5: Animal production and breeding 
  • Piloting 'improved' yak and sheep varieties
  • Create 'elite' herds and flocks
  • Develop multipurpose indicators of animal resilience
  • Yak and sheep body condition measurements
6: Animal health 
  • Better veterinary care
  • Disease monitoring and livestock census
  • Upgrading the skills of herder technicians
  • Adopting vaccinations to real stock numbers
  • Timing of parasite control
  • More active role for herders' associations and family enterprises
  • Herder technicians and veterinary staff involvement in early warning and rapid reaction 
Encouraging herder resilience to pastoral risk7: Early warning and rapid reaction system for PRM 
  • Develop locally adapted risk assessment and management plans
  • Forecast risk of winter-spring feed shortage and other over-winter risk
  • Winter preparedness and risk forecast bulletins
  • Adjusting the livestock-feed balance
  • Emergency responses 
8: Improved housing and infrastructure 
  • Government extends 4 Counter Measures programme with the target that all households possess a winter barn by 2010
9: Promoting herder cooperation 
  • Raise awareness
  • Promote demonstrations of collaborative actions
  • Define responsibilities/tasks of local stakeholder groups in PRM
  • Recognize importance of informal groups and their comparative advantages
  • Training and capacity building 
Policy and institutional frameworks for PRM10: Mainstreaming PRM within a reshaped pastoral economy 
  • Integrate pastoral risk management into the provincial 11th five year plan;
  • Integrate into the DAAH 11th five year plan
  • Scaling up the Agenda into the Three River conservation programme via DAAH;
  • Integrate PRM with the national poverty reduction programme.
  • Link PRM into the 'national natural disaster management strategy' 
11: Financing PRM
  • Government financing
  • Private finance 
12: Improving governance for PRM 
  • Strengthen governmental functions and capacity in PRM
  • Build up partnerships between government, herder and community organisations
  • Strengthen stakeholder coordination
  • Bottom-up risk management planning
  • Strengthen the pastoral extension service
  • PRM fund management 

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last updated:  Thursday, May 5, 2011