Economics and Policy Innovations for Climate-Smart Agriculture

 Viet Nam

Project area

The project is being implemented in the Northern Mountainous region, in an area which covers the provinces of Son La, Dien Bien and Yen Bai. With a 29 percent of poverty rate, compared to 17 percent in the rest of the country, the Northern Uplands remains among the poorest regions of Viet Nam. Food shortages and food security issues due to climate shocks are a serious concern for the local population.

The region has a considerable area of upland cultivation of maize on very steep slopes which are subject to soil erosion and landslides. With intensifying climate change, the risks associated with soil erosion are likely to increase due to a higher frequency of extreme events.

The project focuses on:
- sustainable land management practices for maize systems in the uplands and barriers to their adoption; and
- diversification of productive activities into other crops (such as coffee and tea) and the investments necessary for diversification to occur.

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Research activities

Following the inception stakeholders’ workshop and interaction with key informants, stakeholders and having completed data analysis, the EPIC team has identified priority areas for CSA in Viet Nam:

1. Agro forestry/perennials
2. Legume crop rotation
3. Adoption of High Yielding Varieties
4. Sustainable Rice Intensification

Resource partner

      European Commission