Economics and Policy Innovations for Climate-Smart Agriculture


EPIC regularly produces a number of outputs targeted to the general audience, as well as to researchers, experts and policy makers. This section contains different resources directed to national and international policy-makers, researchers and to those interested in developing their knowledge on the nexus between adaptation, mitigation and food security to better contribute to open and collaborative dialogue on climate change and agriculture. Our products translate the field research and experience conducted by the EPIC programme into material for evidence-based policymaking.

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Latest publication

Welfare impacts of climate shocks Evidence from Uganda
This paper evaluates the effects of weather/climate shocks on various measures of household welfare using a nationally representative panel data from Uganda National Panel Survey (UNPS) together with a set of novel climate variation indicators. We estimated generalized least square (GLS) random effects and quintile regression models to address the research questions. Our results point towards a consumption and income smoothing behaviour by the households since: we obtain very few significant results with respect to climate/weather shock variables together with highly significant effects of the sociodemographic and wealth control variables. We also investigate if different shocks definitions, i.e the reference period used to define the shock, modifies our results.