About FAO-Adapt

FAO-Adapt at a glance

FAO-Adapt offers an initial consensus and comprehensive view of the way forward for mainstreaming climate change adaptation into all FAO development activities and contribute to heading off negative climate impacts.

FAO-Adapt catalyses FAO’s adaptation activities to increase its ability to respond to member country requests for support in implementing climate change adaptation measures in agriculture, forestry and fisheries.

FAO-Adapt brings together the body of climate change adaptation work accomplished by FAO, its technical units, decentralized offices and regional bodies.

FAO-Adapt aims to enhance coordination, capacity development and sharing of experiences on adaptation within FAO and among its member countries to widen the coverage, encourage synergies, enhance cross-sectoral approaches and optimize the use of resources for adaptation.

FAO-Adapt facilitates external and internal communication as well as mobilization of additional resources for FAO’s work on adaptation.

FAO-Adapt fosters partnerships related to adaptation, including UN agencies, international financing and research institutions, and regional organizations.

FAO-Adapt & Climate-Smart Agriculture

Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries are at the core of food security. Adapting these sectors to the impacts of climate change is crucial and urgent in order to avoid production losses and enhance livelihoods resilience, particularly of smallholders.  While focusing on adaptation, FAO-Adapt also contributes to FAO’s integrated effort to promote synergies between climate change adaptation, sustainable increase of productivity and income as well as climate change mitigation (Climate-Smart Agriculture).


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last updated:  Wednesday, February 15, 2012