Institutions, policies and financing to strengthen capacities for adaptation

Adaptation to climate change requires adjusting institutional structures and arrangements. This includes defining adequate national policy and legislative frameworks, and assigning and coordinating responsibilities within the governance structures of countries and regions. Iterative planning, participatory and systems-based approaches, and strong stakeholder engagement should be key principles in adaptation. Access to adaptation financing is usually a prerequisite for countries to implement adaptation activities effectively. In addition, FAO emphasizes that institutions and decision- making must remain flexible for dealing with uncertainties of potential climate change impacts.

Learn more about our work areas and view some examples of FAO's on-going work in support of adaptation by clicking on the titles below.

FAO provides support to the following work areas


Mainstreaming Adaptation

Capacity development for adaptation

Access to financing

Networking and partnerships

Capacities in plant, forest and animal health and food safety

Value chains and market access


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last updated:  Wednesday, February 8, 2012