Technologies, practices and processes for adaptation

The built-in adaptation capacity of ecological and human systems may not be enough to deal with expected medium- to long-term impacts of climate change. Therefore, FAO supports the development and dissemination of technologies, practices and processes related to agriculture, forestry, fisheries and rural energy demands, as well as rural income diversification with the aim to increase resilience of the production systems and livelihoods. Considering the limited access of women to appropriate technologies, which curbs their productivity potential, special attention will be paid to ensuring adequate access of technologies to women.

Learn more about our work areas and view some examples of FAO's on-going work in support of adaptation by clicking on the titles below.


FAO provides support to the following work areas

Breeding and conservation

Technology development and dissemination

Input use efficiency

Income and livelihood diversification


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last updated:  Wednesday, November 30, 2011