Main achievements 

Among the main results of UNDP-FAO-DAE Livelihood Adaptation to Climate Change project is the establishment of functioning a bottom up approach and the capacity strengthening of a “clearing house” (DAE/MOA, research institutes) to build resilience to climate change. Farmers and extension agents were trained and are adopting climate change adaptation options to face the challenges of environmental stresses and climate change in the sectors of crop, fisheries, livestock and social forestry production. In particular, an adaptation option menu with detailed technical guidelines is available to development practitioners and extension agents (DAE/MOA) including more than 90 different climate change adaptation options. More than 12,500 farmers targeted by the project are aware of the impacts of climate change and of the potential to mitigate its effects. Around 1,300 households benefitted of the direct demonstration of 57 different adaptation options through 890 individual and group field sessions. Three pilot Climate Field Schools were tested. Building on the lessons learned from this experience, FAO is currently working on the FFS curricula for Integrated Farming Systems, to address among others Climate Change related issues. 

Key Lessons  

  • Disaster risk reduction & CCA in agriculture go hand in hand
  • Climate change adaptation is a social learning process
  • Adaptation to climate change is a location specific issue
  • Strong potential for community based approaches to CCA
  • Restore and replicate the valuable indigenous knowledge
  • Strengthening structured monitoring for greater quality
  • Contingency planning is highly important
  • Adaptation and farmers livelihood interests cannot be delinked
  • Accessibility to microfinance increases replication
  • Availability of meteorological data usable at the ground level 
  • For successful adaptation clear definitions of institutional roles & responsibilities are fundamental
  • There is a need to revitalize and strengthen research and development links
  • Selecting and implementing appropriate adaptation options fitting into proper setting
  • Institutionalizing mechanisms for technology validation, selection and dissemination

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last updated:  Friday, December 17, 2010