Adaptation options

  • LACC evaluation framework of adaptation options (Nov 2009)
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  • LACC adaptation option menu - by agro-ecological context and season (Nov 2009)
  • summary tables of field demonstrations LACC I (2008)
  • Photos of adaptation options (2009)
  • Brief description of lessons regarding selected field demonstrations (2010)
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    Selected tested adaptation options and major benefits

    The acceptance of the following adaptation options by the involved farmers was very high:

    Homestead gardening (with more drought-resistant crops)

  • increased soil cover on fallow land, reduced erosion, higher soil moisture
  • improved nutrition through vegetable consumption
  • additional household income year around
  • women empowerment
  • improve home surrounding environment
  • Drought tolerant fruit tree gardening (Jujube)

  • drought tolerance and crop diversification reduce production risks
  • intercropping with vegetable, rice, coriander or sweet gourd 
  • income generation and fuel wood supply
  • environmental benefits (less irrigation water, soil properties)
  • Improved stove for household use

  • reduced fuel use by 30% and cooking time by 35% (cost & time saving)
  • dung, earlier needed as fuel, can now be used as fertilizer
  • smoke-free kitchen
  • reduced emission of greenhouse gases 
  • Mini-nursery for fruit trees including drought-resistant species

  • community mobilisation
  • employment generation during drought years, additional income
  • environmental benefits by tree plantation
  • Rain water harvesting through mini-ponds

  • increased yield and income through supplemental irrigation of T.Aman rice
  • if enough water also used for vegetable growing and fish cultivation
  • more stable income
  • e.g. during drought in Kharif 2006 rice yield +23% and net profit +75%
  • environmental benefits through increased ground water recharging and plantation at pond periphery 

    Further information on tested adaptation options

    last updated:  Friday, November 26, 2010