Capacity is defined as "the ability of people, organizations and society as a whole to manage their affairs successfully" (OECD/DAC).

Capacity development (CD) is the process of unleashing, strengthening and maintaining of such capacity". FAO's CD role is geared towards facilitating the development of a sustainable capacity base of member countries and regions in food security, agriculture and rural development.

FAOs CD framework

FAOs CD framework is an analytical tool that guides the analysis of situations in terms of existing capacities and capacity development interventions. The framework is based on the enhancement of technical and functional capacities, which are prerequisites to achieving the three global goals of FAO Members, across three dimensions: individual, organizational and the enabling environment.

A substantial part of FAO's work on climate change is geared to enhance the capacities of Member States vulnerable to climate change to confront the impacts of climate variability and change on agriculture. This process is defined as capacity development on climate change. 

last updated:  Tuesday, December 13, 2011