The following e-learning tools and/or programmes on climate change have been developed by FAO in collaboration with external institutions. 

Planning for community-based adaptation to climate change

Description: interactive learning sessions and practical resources for training on climate change adaptation in rural communities.
Target audience: development partners; agricultural extension staff; community based organizations; field practitioners.
Language (-s): English, French, Spanish.
Contact person in FAO: stephan.baas@fao.org

Climate and Flood Forecast Applications in Agriculture

Description: interactive learning sessions and practical resources for better understanding of the concepts and the implementation of climate and flood forecast applications in agriculture.
Target audience: development staff; agricultural extension staff; decision makers in agricultural sector.
Language (-s): English
Contact person in FAO: stephan.baas@fao.org

NEW: Climate-resilient and environmentally sound agriculture or "climate-smart" agriculture

Description: through simplified concepts and relevant resources and examples, this package explores the impacts of global change on agriculture, the impacts of agriculture on ecosystems and possible technical and policy considerations that can help building food security under current and future challenges. The package was developed in the context of a climate change adaptation project in the Yellow River Basin in China.
Target audience: Originally designed for government authorities, ithe package can be used as a training base for other audiences who are interested in climate resilient and environmentally sound agricultural production.                                                                    
Language (-s): English                                                                                                                                          
Contact: cpesap@caas.ac.cn

Climate Change and Food Security 

Description: a “primer” on the subject of “climate change and food security”; basics of climate science, climate change adaptation, mitigation and climate-smart agriculture.
Target audience: national line ministry staff; field practitioners from the UN and NGOs.
Language (-s): English;  French (forthcoming), Spanish (forthcoming)
Contact person in FAO: information-for-action@fao.org

 Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security  (facilitated course for FAO staff) 

Description: a facilitated course for FAO employees working on some aspects of climate change. The course curriculum provides an overview of the different subject areas on climate change, agriculture and food security including concrete examples for linking FAO’s work to climate change. Moodle is used as course platform providing possiblities for interaction between course participants.
Target audience: FAO employees working on some aspects of climate change
Language (-s): English
Contact: climate-change@fao.org 

Other FAO E-Learning Services (beyond climate change)

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