Learning services

Learning services comprise integrated learning packages and training programmes offered by FAO in support of capacity development on climate change at policy, institutional, and/or individual levels. Beyond these learning services, FAO also contributes to capacity development on climate change through technical advice to Member States. Capacity development is essential for the transition to climate-smart agriculture.

Theme 1: International Climate Change Policy and Finance

Understanding international climate change policy and finance as a step towards appropriate planning of climate change adaptation and mitigation initiatives at sub-national, national and regional level. 

Theme 2: Mainstreaming Climate Change

Climate change adaptation and mitigation initiatives can be integrated into sustainable development initiatives and food security, agriculture, forestry and fisheries planning resulting in mutually beneficial outcomes.

Theme 3: Impact and Vulnerability Assessment

Innovative, user-friendly tools and methods need to be developed and applied for assessing the impacts of and vulnerabilities to climate variability and climate change of food systems, ecosystems, societies and national economies.

Theme 4: Climate Change Adaptation

Adaptation to climate change is essential for any effort to promote food security, poverty alleviation, or sustainable management and conservation of natural resources. FAO's learning services on adaptation relate, for example, to disaster risk reduction, community-based adaptation and sustainable soil management.

Theme 5: Climate Change Mitigation

Climate change mitigation refers to implementing policies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and enhance carbon sinks. FAO's learning services on mitigation include the assessment of GHG emissions and mitigation potentials, REDD+ and mitigation strategies in agriculture.

last updated:  Tuesday, November 22, 2011