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Learning events

This learning event on Climate-Smart Agriculture is organized by FAO’s Climate, Energy and Land Tenure Division. The MICCA Programme organizes learning events and webinars throughout the year within the Community of Practice.

Climate-Smart Agriculture
Online Learning Event

FAO welcomes everyone interested in climate-smart agriculture approach and policies to take review the recorded webinars and other products and part in the community of practice that was born with the learning event.


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Recordings of the presentations

The learning event consisted of two webinars, combined with online discussions on Climate-Smart Agriculture approach and policies. The presentations of the webinars were followed by a question and answer session where participants had the opportunity to ask the presenters about Climate-Smart Agriculture approach and policies.

Click on to watch the recordings of the webinars.

Webinar 1: Climate-Smart Agriculture – Definition and approach
Tuesday 13 May

  • Introduction
  • Why climate-smart agriculture - Alexandre Meybeck, FAO Presentation slides 
  • Climate-smart agriculture - options for practices and systems - Sonja Vermeulen, CCAFS Presentation slides 
  • Knowledge gaps within climate-smart agriculture - Reuben Sessa and Lucia Palombi, FAO Presentation slides 
  • Questions, answers and discussion session

Webinar 2: Implementing Climate-Smart Agriculture – Policies and institutions are key
Thursday 15 May

  • How can agricultural policies best support climate-smart agriculture? - Leslie Lipper, FAO Presentation slides 
  • Country case of policy and field interplay for climate-smart agriculture - Siwa Msangi, IFPRI Presentation slides 
  • Questions, answers and discussion session

– The online discussions continues on our foras DGroup and the LinkedIn group.

Key questions of the learning event

  • What is Climate-Smart Agriculture, and why do we need it?
  • How can we implement Climate-Smart Agriculture? What would it require?
  • What kind of policies, investments and institutional arrangements should be in place to realize the change towards Climate-Smart Agricultural systems?

Key background reading

Climate-Smart Agriculture Sourcebook

The Executive Summaries of the Sourcebook in three languages:


Other background material:


Join the Community of Practice to participate

You can participate by joining the Community of Practice of climate change mitigation in agriculture by enroling through our web form.

Aside from participation in the webinars, discussions can be carried out through participants’ own e-mail account once enrolled in the community and/or on our LinkedIn forum.

See previous webinars and presentations of our previous learning events:

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