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Webinar – Introduction to LEAP Life Cycle Assessment Guidelines

The LEAP partnership and the MICCA Programme hosted a webinar to introduce three sector specific Life Cycle Assessment guidelines focusing on the poultrysmall ruminant and animal feed supply chains. The guidelines present a methodology for the assessment of the environmental performance of livestock supply chains. This initiative represented an important step towards coordinated cross-sectoral and international effort to harmonize measurement approaches. The webinar was followed by a facilitated online discussion.

The purpose for the webinar was to seek out public feedback on draft guidelines with the aim of strengthening the guidance provided and ensure their relevance in a broad range of situations.

The webinar consisted of the following, click to view the recordings:

  • Introduction to the webinar – Beverley Henry, Queensland University of Technology and University of Sydney Presentation slides Intro and summary – Recording 
  • Introduction to the development of the LEAP Partnership and LEAP LCA guidelines – Pierre Gerber, FAO Presentation slidesRecording 
  • Specific guidance provided by the LEAP LCA guidelines Greg Thoma, University of Arkansas, USA; Stewart Ledgard, AgResearch - New Zealand;  and Theun Vellinga, Wageningen University and Research Centre  –  Presentation – Recording 
  • Stakeholder insights – Michele Galatola, European Commission;  Frank Mitloehner, UC Davis
  • Review process and next steps – Camillo De Camillis, FAO  Questions and answers, and summary of the webinar Recording 

Additional information

For more information on the LEAP guidelines and review process: 


Online learning event - Tackling climate change through livestock: Global assessment and multi-stakeholder initiative

In October 2013 experts and over 250 participants from more than 35 countries discussed how to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from the livestock sector. Participants included the Community of Practice, experts from FAO’s Climate, Energy and Land Tenure Division and Animal Health and Production Division. Two multi-stakeholder initiatives: the Livestock Environmental Assessment Performance (LEAP) Partnership and Global Agenda for Sustainable Livestock presented their activities.


Click here for the online learning event summary

Click on to watch the recordings of the webinars

Webinar 1 - Livestock life cycle analysis and climate change mitigation

Introduction, presentations and discussion - Recording     

  • Greenhouse gas emissions from livestock supply chains: LCA assessments for monogastrics and ruminants – Carolyn Opio, Natural Resource Officer, FAO – Presentation slides
  • Climate change mitigation in the livestock sector: overall potential, options and case studies – Anne Mottet, Livestock Policy Officer, FAO – Presentation slides 

Webinar 2 - Global multi-stakeholder initiatives for livestock and environmental concerns

Introduction, presentations and discussion Recording

Summary and closing of the webinar - Recording  

  • LEAP, a partnership on the environmental benchmarking of livestock supply chains – A. Watson, FAOPresentation slides    
  • Private sector‘s role and interest in LEAP – N. Martin, European Feed Manufacturers' Federation (FEFAC)Presentation slides
  • Global Agenda for Sustainable Livestock – J. Dijkman, FAO - Presentation slides 


Key background reading


Tackling climate change through livestock
The FAO 2013 report outlines the huge potential that 
the livestock sector has in reducing its emissions of 
greenhouse gases (GHG).
Click here to download a copy of the publication


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