Gender and Climate-Smart Agriculture learning event

FAO welcomes everyone interested in climate-smart agriculture and equity to take use of resources produced during our online learning event (30 January to 19 February 2014).

Resource material from the learning event

Webinar 1: Gender equality in agriculture and changing climate January 2014

• Introduction to the learning event and the topic – Soma Chakrabarti, IFAD and Maria Nuutinen, FAO Recording of the introductionPresentation slides
• Use of Training Guide for Gender and Climate Change Research in Agriculture and Food Security for Rural
Development – Sibyl Nelson, FAO Recording – Presentation slides
• Highlights from the workshop on Gender and Climate-Smart Agriculture in Southeast Asia – Maria Lee, WOCAN RecordingPresentation slides
• Final discussion Recording of the final discussion

Webinar 2: Gender-sensitive practices for Climate-Smart Agriculture? February 2014
• Introduction to the topic and presenting the agenda – Facilitator Dalia Mattioni, FAO Recording
• Gender sensitive climate-smart agriculture practices – Patti Kristjanson & Nafisa Ferdous, CCAFS RecordingPresentation slides
Gender dimensions of adopting climate-smart aquaculture – Miranda Morgan, World Fish RecordingPresentation slides
Final discussion Recording of final discussion

Webinar 3: Next steps for Gender in Climate-Smart Agriculture February 2014
• Introduction to the webinar and presenting the agenda – Facilitator Dalia Mattioni, FAO
• How to measure benefits to women in climate smart agriculture projects: W+ Standard – Jeannette Gurung, WOCAN Recording: introduction and presentation Presentation slides 
• Working with Tajik men and women for climate-smart agricultural practices – Nidhi Tandon RecordingPresentation slides
• Facilitated discussion on the lessons learned and Summary of the whole learning event Recording: discussion and summary

The event was organized within the Community of Practice for Climate Change Mitigation in Agriculture of the MICCA Programme in collaboration with colleagues and partners. Join the email list.

Key questions of the learning event

  • Why gender matters when enhancing food security and increasing the uptake of climate-smart agriculture practices?
  • What are the available tools that can help gather information on gender, and advance gender mainstreaming in agriculture?
  • What are the best case studies of gender-sensitive climate-smart agriculture practices?
  • What kind of climate-smart policies, financing structures and practices are needed for more equality in the agriculture sector?

Key background reading

Training Guide for Gender and Climate Change Research in Agriculture and Food Security for Rural Development - available in English, French and Spanish.

The Training Guide provides a clear understanding of the concepts related to gender and climate-smart agriculture. It describes participatory methods for conducting gender-sensitive research on the impacts of climate change and offers guidance on different ways of reporting research findings so that they can be properly analyzed. Using the guide allows collecting critical information on gender and climate change in rural context, allowing researchers and development workers to formulate appropriate gender-sensitive policies and programmes for rural development.

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