Events on peatlands and climate change mitigation

Challenges and Solutions for Responsible Peatlands Management 

September-October 2014

Photo: Inken Preuss

 Agenda and webinar presentation slides 

  1. Introduction - Maria Nuutinen, FAO Recording
  2. Characteristics of responsible management of peatlands - Armine Avagyan, FAO Recording - Slides 
  3. Paludiculture options for responsible utilization of peatlands in Indonesia - Susan Abel, Greifswald University Recording - Slides
  4. Biomass from reeds for energy production in Belarus - Andreas Haberl, Michael Succow Foundation Recording - Slides
  5. Sustainable grazing for peatlands restoration in China - Zhang Xiaohong, Wetlands China Recording - Slides
  6. Outlook: Priority actions and requirements for responsible management (policy change, additional funding) - Hans Joosten, Greifswald University Slides
    and concluding remards Recording

    What’s needed to encourage improved management of peatlands at field level?
    How can knowledge-sharing and collaboration be improved?                  

 Key questions

  • What kinds of peatland management practices can be considered responsible (in terms of climate change mitigation, livelihoods and ecosystem services)?
  • How much of greenhouse gas emission reductions can be achieved through these practices?
  • What are the benefits and costs of these practices?


  • Evaluate negative consequences of unsustainable peatlands management for livelihoods, climate change and environmental services,
  • Define the concept of responsible management and priority requirements for its implementation, and
  • Present case studies of responsible management from different regions.

Background reading 

MICCA Series 9:
Towards climate-responsible
peatlands management    


MICCA Series 5:
Peatlands – guidance for climate c
hange mitigation by conservation, rehabilitation and sustainable use          (second edition, 2012)


Peatland learning materials: Towards Climate-Responsible Peatlands Management

FAO welcomes everyone interested in responsible peatlands management to take review the recorded webinars and presentation slides below. On October, 2013, MICCA’s Community of Practice on Climate Change Mitigation in Agriculture hosted an online webinar for practitioners, policy makers, entrepreneurs, researchers and civil society organizations.

Presentations and recordings from the webinar

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