Mitigation of Climate Change in Agriculture (MICCA) Programme

EMBRAPA Solos (National Center of Soil Research) - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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Main projects or activities related to mitigation in agriculture
Project Leader: 2002-2007"Technological development of Brazilian organic agriculture"; 2003-2006“Composting optimization for family farming systems”; 2010-2012"Landscape dynamics associated with indicators for decision support and environmental services"
Phase of the project (planning, preparations, implementation, evaluation)
Evaluation, but planning new research project.
Location of the climate mitigation projects
Location of organization
Rua Jardim Botânico, n. 1.024 - Bairro Jardim Botânico - 22460-000 - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Area of work in climate change mitigation in agriculture (agroforestry, livestock, grasslands, consultation, research etc.)
Research projects related to the study of soil organic matter dynamics and soil fertility management (in its broader sense) in organic based agroecological systems, no-tillage systems, composting, environmental services, better use of natural resources.
Contact person
Ricardo T. dos G. Peixoto