Turkey: Enhancing the Capacity of Turkey to Adapt to Climate Change 

Turkey is highly vulnerable to climate change. As part of the southern belt of Mediterranean Europe, the country is already facing an observed warming trend in temperatures and a decreasing trend in precipitation. The core objective of developing national capacities to manage climate change risks would be achieved through mainstreaming climate change issues into (1) national development framework; (2) local pilot actions; and (3) the UN country programmatic framework. This joint program was developed by the UN Country Team with clear roles and responsibilities for each participating UN entity.
Implementation period: June 2008 - June 2011 

The Outcomes and Outputs of this Joint Programme are:

Outcome 1: Climate change adaptation mainstreamed in Turkey's national plans

  • Output 1.1.: A plan for education, training and public awareness on adaptation to climate changeto support the objectives of the Joint Programme developed and implemented
  • Output 1.2.: Long term knowledge in Turkish institutions developed. this serves both to develop capacity in country, and to increase Turkey's profile in international climate change collaboration, including IPCC
  • Output 1.3.: National adaptation to climate change strategy developed and submitted to the Government of Turkey for consideration.This will serve as a basis for altering existing policies and legislative framework
  • Output 1.4.: Amendes to policy and appropriate policy tools will be developed and proposed for reducing vulnerability to climate change through the government's development activities and private sector
  • Output 1.5.: Industrial practices amended to reduce vulnerability to climate change

Outcome 2: Institutional capacity developed for managing disasters induced by climate change

  • Output 2.1.: Technical capacity for data management is developed
  • Output 2.2.: Technical capacity for analysis and interpretation of data developed
  • Output 2.3.: Capacity of end-users to respond to early warnings developed

Outcome 3: Capacity for community-based adaptation in the Seyhan River Basin developed

  • Output 3.1.: Proposals for community-based adaptation projects developed and selected
  • Output 3.2.: Pilot projects awarded, initiated, monitored and evaluated
  • Output 3.3.: Lessons captured and up-scaled into upstream policy level outcomes

Outcome 4: Climate change adaptation mainstreamed into the UN programming framework in Turkey

  • Output 4.1.: Revision of UNDAF with a coordinated approach to mainstreaming climate change undertaken
  • Output 4.2.: Screening mechanism on climate change agreed upon and established among UNCT agencies

In this programme FAO is mainly involved in the implementation of Outputs 1.3., 1.4., 2.1., and 2.2. 

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