February 16-18, 2011 - Popayán, Colombia
UNJP Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, Panama and Peru

Natural resources management, food security and extension strategies:
contributions to the design of policies for climate change adaptation in Latin America

The Division of Climate, Energy and Tenure (NRC) of FAO, with the support and agreement of the Joint Programme: "Integration of Ecosystems and Climate Change Adaptation in the Colombian Massif" (UNJP/SPA/032/COL) are developing a workshop to exchange experiences between the Spanish-funded projects Environment Windows of Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Panama and Peru, with the participation of programs/projects aimed in the same sense in El Salvador (GCP/ELS/008/SPA) and Honduras (HON/10/001/ /01/34). The workshop will be held in Popayan, Colombia, home of the Joint Programme (JP). Participants in the workshop will include colleagues from FAO, UNDP, UNICEF and PAHO in Colombia, and representatives of the Government of Colombia and delegates of the indigenous councils and producer organizations in the pilot area of the JP.

It is expected to count with 35 participants from different disciplines related to the management of natural resource , risk management and adaptation to climate change. The main topics to be discussed in the event are:

  • Inputs for the design of national policies for natural resources management applicable to the supra-national level, helping to create strategies to advance processes of climate change adaptation;
  • Discuss the links between natural resources management, risk and disaster management and adaptation to climate change and the role that institutions play in facilitating the link between the 3 dimensions;
  • Identify synergies between Environmental Windows projects (Joint Programmes) from different countries and potential future replication of good practices.

The same processes will be addressed form a rtegional perspective, oriented towards the production of policy instruments validated regionally in Latin American countries. 

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