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Date: 29 November 2011

Venue: Suncoast Hotel and Towers - Delano Room -
20 Battery Beach Road, North Beach -
Durban, South Africa

Time: 10.00 - 19.00 

FAO working alongside its partners can provide a holistic view of agriculture, fisheries and forestry sectors and their role within a changing climate with a unique perspective of ensuring livelihoods, safeguarding natural resources for food security and development.

The Climate-Smart Knowledge Day will give focused attention to the work being carried out in these areas, provide a forum for dialogue and give key inputs to the climate change and development debates. 

Participants in Climate-Smart Knowledge Day at Durban will 
  • Hear from policy-makers on the implications of climate-smart agriculture
  • Be updated on results information and knowledge addressing the challenges of food security, agriculture and climate change
  • Learn about the way forward for partnerships on climate-smart agriculture including linkages to the green economy   

The Climate-Smart Knowledge Day will also showcase FAO support and partner country efforts to strengthen knowledge and policies for climate-smart agriculture that address food security and climate change together to achieve countries’ development goals.


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