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Activities have just been initiated so watch this space for updates.

"Inspire and Educate" Competition

New Climate Change competition! FAO, WAGGGS, YPARD and Practical Action  have joined forces to encourage young people to make an active contribution to our world. The “Inspire and Educate” Competition is being held as part of the educational initiative “Our World, Our Climate, Our Food”, our worldwide project designed to raise awareness on climate change, environment and food security issues. Be ready to take part of this fun and creative initiative and send us your best ideas.

The competition is divided in 3 sections: photo section, video section and climate change adaptation section.

For additional details see the guidelines: English [missing document label] :: French (coming soon) :: Spanish (coming soon).

Get your registration code:

Download Word template for adaptation competition [missing document label]  

Download examples from Practical Action: Floating gardens [missing document label] , Evaporative cooling [missing document label] 

See our last competition: “Our World, Our Climate, Our Food” International Drawing Competition and the drawings


Climate Change and Food Security Challenge Badges are being developed to actively involve children and young people in the local communities and in global debates. If your school or youth group is interested in being involved in the initial testing of these badges, please contact the FAO Youth Team (

Activity Packs, which contain ideas and the resources and materials to undertake activities and projects with your group, will be developed with a number of partners. These materials will also support youths in obtaining their challenge badges. The FAO Youth Team ( would be pleased to receive your ideas and news on activities you have undertaken.

Guides and resource materials will be developed in cooperation with a number of partner organizations, to support teachers, facilitators of non-formal education programmes and youth leaders and also to satisfy the curiosity of children and youths. FAO is also assisting UNICEF and AYCEOs in the finalization of the “Climate Change – Take Action Now: A Facilitators guide to support the local actions of children and young people to protect the Earth" which will be launched later this year.

FAO is supporting the UNFCCC’s effort to develop a youth climate change programme which will raise awareness and understanding, build capacity, facilitate local involvement, and allow children and young people to have a bigger voice in national, regional and intergovernmental and decision-making processes on climate change issues.

The Youth and United Nations Global Alliance (YUNGA) is an initiative to develop improved collaboration and coordination between UN agencies and youth organizations, NGOs and other related stakeholders to enhance the activities and initiatives being developed, and to create a greater involvement of youths in United Nations related activities. The development of YUNGA has only just begun but we hope to post some developments soon at the YUNGA Portal. Note this site is not yet active. 

If you are over 18 and interested in becoming a volunteer at FAO to support our efforts in developing climate change and food security initiatives for children and youths, then write to us at
View details on participating in the FAO volunteer programme.

UNESCO World Conference on Sustainable Development, Workshop on Strengthening the Educational Response to Climate Change Internationally

The  World Conference on Sustainable Development was held in Bonn, Germany from 31 March to 2 April 2009. Carboschools, FAO/YUNGA, UNFCCC and Earthchild Institute organized a workshop on Strengthening the Educational Response to Climate Change Internationally. The workshop was attended by approximately ninety participants, comprised of senior representatives from government ministries of education, environment and development cooperation, universities, intergovernmental organizations and civil society from all over the world (developed and developing countries alike).

The participants joined together to share visions, ideas and best practices in order to identify strategies and a practical plan for action toward scaling up the educational response to climate change as part of a global strategy for Education for Sustainable Development (ESD). The main purpose is to reach an integrated participatory education which enables empowered citizens to move from learning the facts towards taking action. [missing document label] 

Activities of other agencies

Some activities and initiatives of other organizations and agencies are listed below (please send us your activities and resource materials and we will add them to the list):



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