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Youth at the 14th World Forestry Congress 8 April 2015 Do you care about forests? Do you care about climate change? Do you care about animals and plants? Do you care about yourself and your friends’ future? This is your opportunity. Get engaged - join us in Durban to express your concerns and ideas, and help build a sustainable future for forests! Find out more here: www.fao.org/about/meetings/world-forestry-congress/get-involved/youth/en/ [more]
The Youth Guide to the Ocean is here! 2 March 2015 This fact-filled Guide demonstrates the many benefits that the ocean provides us with, discusses the negative impacts that humans unfortunately have on the ocean and explains how good protection and environmental regulation can help. At the end of the Guide, inspiring examples of youth-led initiatives are provided, and an easy-to-follow action plan aims to help YOU develop your own marine projects. [more]
'Youth power' in agriculture 28 November 2014 The joint FAO, IFAD and CTA publication, 'Youth and Agriculture: Key Challenges and Concrete Solutions', receives media attention in this article, which explores how young farmers can help stabilise economies and create a better future for all. [more]
XIV World Forestry Congress 17 November 2014 The XIV World Forestry Congress will be a key occasion for the world’s foresters and forest supporters to gather, to share their expertise and experience, and to project a new vision for the future of forests and forestry. We’d like you to help define that vision by inviting abstracts on the central theme of the Congress, “ Forests and People: Investing in a Sustainable Future ”. The deadline for submissions is 15 December 2014. For more information: http://www.fao.org/forestry/wfc/87584/en/ [more]
The Youth Guide to Forests is here! 30 September 2014 This fact-filled Guide explores forests from the equator to the frozen poles, the depths of the rainforest to the mountain forests at high altitudes. It also demonstrates the many benefits that forests provide us with, discusses the negative impacts that humans unfortunately have on forests and explains how good management can help protect and conserve forests and forest biodiversity. At the end of the Guide, inspiring examples of youth-led initiatives are provided, and an easy-to-follow action plan aims to help YOU develop your own forest conservation activities and projects. Find it online here: PDF URL: www.fao.org/3/a-i3856e.pdf HTML URL: www.fao.org/3/a-i3856e/index.html [more]
YUNGA internship opportunity! 21 August 2014 YUNGA is looking for individuals interested in undertaking an internship at the FAO headquarters in Rome for 4 months from September 2014. Find out about our requirements and how to apply here: http://yunga-youth.weebly.com/internship-opportunity.html The deadline for applications is 15th September 2014. [more]
The Soils Challenge Badge is here! 17 June 2014 We are delighted to announce that the Soils Challenge Badge is now available online! This booklet is packed with activities to help you learn about soil and how it is formed, the creatures that live in it, and just how important it is in our everyday lives. You will also discover how YOU can play a role in protecting soils for future generations. Dig in! Find it online at: www.fao.org/3/a-i3855e.pdf or http://yunga-youth.weebly.com/soils.html [more]
Happy International Day of Biodiversity! 22 May 2014 Happy International Day of Biodiversity from the YUNGA Team! Remember that our Biodiversity Challenge Badge is available online in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Italian, Russian and Spanish. Find it at: http://yunga-youth.weebly.com/biodiversity.html Don't forget our Youth Guide to Biodiversity either! Find out more about the International Day for Biodiversity: www.un.org/en/events/biodiversityday [more]
Youth leaders: apply to participate in the UNESCO World Conference on ESD! 6 May 2014 A call to youth leaders around the world committed to building a better future through education * Are you between 18 and 35 years old? * Are you invovled in Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) in any way? * Do you want to meet and collaborate with other ESD youth leaders from around the world? * Do you have success stories or innovative initiatives to share, and wish to contribute to the global conversation on ESD? * Do you want to add your voice to youth recommendations to be presented at the World Conference on ESD? If you answer YES to these questions, you may be interested in taking part in the UNESCO ESD Youth Conference in Japan! Send in your application by 1 June 2014 to join. [more]
Happy International Forests Day! 21 March 2014 Today is the International Day of Forests! To celebrate the amazing things forests provide us with, we would like to remind you of our Forests Challenge Badge! The badge is available online in both English and Spanish, and will soon be available in Arabic, Chinese, French, Italian and Russian. Find it online at: http://yunga-youth.weebly.com/forests.html We are also currently developing The Youth Guide to Forests, which contains comprehensive information about all things forests, as well as an easy to follow action plan to help you develop your own forests projects and conservation activities. It will be ready soon, so watch this space!Happy International Day of Forests from the YUNGA Team! [more]
Essay competition on sustainable stewardship of planet Earth 17 March 2014 Do you enjoy creative writing? Are you interested in helping to create a better Earth for future generations? If you answered yes to both questions, here's a great opportunity to combine two passions: take part in SEALOEarth's essay competition! The topic is "A world in which all people participate in the stewardship of planet Earth" and you have the opportunity to win up to $300. Learn more here: http://sealoearth.org/essaycontest.html [more]
NEW JUNIOR FARMER FIELD AND LIFE SCHOOL MODULES AVAILABLE 7 March 2014 YUNGA has partnered with the International Labour Organization (ILO) and the Food And Agriculture Organization (FAO) to produce the Junior Farmer Field and Life School (JFFLS). JFFLS aims to empower vulnerable youth, and provide them with the livelihood options and gender-sensitive skills needed for long-term food security while reducing their vulnerability to destitution and risk coping strategies. New modules on Climate Change, Aquaculture and Community Seed Banks are now available! Enjoy it, share it, get involved! [more]
FREE e-course on Climate Change 27 February 2014 Would you like to know more about Climate Change? Check out the UNCC:Learn Introductory E-Course on Climate Change. The course is completely FREE and is split into the following 6 modules: 1. Climate Change Science 2. International Legal and Policy Framework for Climate Change 3. Climate Change Adaptation 4. Climate Change Mitigation and Low Carbon Development 5. Climate Change Finance 6. Planning for Climate Change To make a start just follow the link below and register. Please note the course works best with Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. http://unccelearn.org/ [more]
Announcing the winners of the 2013 International Drawing Competition 'Food for a Healthy World' 17 February 2014 Almost 400 drawings from 42 different countries were received for our drawing competition themed 'Food for a Healthy World'! Congratulations to all participants for their beautiful submissions; we are now delighted to announce the winners in each age category - see the winning entries here: www.fao.org/climatechange/youth/83719/en [more]
Nominate a child for the International Children's Peace Prize! 5 February 2014 Are you, or is anyone you know, working on a project related to Children's Rights? Nominations are open until 1st March 2014 for the International Children's Peace Prize! Young people aged 12-18 who are devoted to working on Children's Rights are eligible for nomination. You can download a nomination form (in English or Spanish) from www.childrenspeaceprize.org . Send your completed form to info@childrenspeaceprize.org today! [more]
Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders 8 January 2014 If you're from Africa and passionate about development issues, take a look at the new Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders! This new programme aims to support young African leaders, as they spur growth and prosperity, strengthen democratic governance, and enhance peace and security across Africa. Apply now! [more]
Get involved with the Global Youth Biodiversity Network! 6 January 2014 Are you a biodiversity fan? Do you want to help create a newsletter featuring youth biodiversity initiatives? Then get in touch with The Global Youth Biodiversity Network (GYBN)! Email Shailyn and Melina at gybnnewsletter@gmail.com for more information about the newsletter and visit www.gybn.net to find out more about GYBN. [more]
First ever database on gender equality provisions around the world! 13 December 2013 Constitutions have a tremendous impact on women. What are the different formulations that guarantee, deny, or protect the rights of women and girls? Find out in the new database launched by UN Women today! The database gives a comprehensive overview of women’s rights and gender equality provisions across the world. [more]
Happy Human Rights Day! 10 December 2013 Happy Human Rights Day, everyone! Human Rights apply to every person living in the world – regardless of their age, gender, background or race. As Nelson Mandela said: “to deny people their human rights is to challenge their very humanity”.For human rights to be recognized and upheld, good governance is needed. For this reason, YUNGA is developing a Governance Challenge Badge, which will soon be ready for pilot testing. If you would like to be one of the first to test the Governance badge with your school or group, please contact us at yunga@fao.org. [more]
How should we tackle climate change awareness-raising? 3 December 2013 How do you think we should tackle climate change awareness-raising? The U.N. Alliance on Climate Change Education, Training and Public Awareness is developing new climate change campaign and wants YOUR opinion! Give us a couple of minutes and take the survey: www.surveymonkey.com/s/UNClimateAllianceSurvey . [more]

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