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YUNGA :: - March 2009 

Ocean Acidification, the other CO2 problem
Recent developments from FAO :: YUNGA, 10 March 2009

EPOCA, the European Project on Ocean Acidification and CarboSchools, promoting teacher-scientist partnerships about global change research, are happy to release a new 8-page educational leaflet introducing Ocean Acidification research challenges to teachers of all levels and subjects.

The leaflet gives an overview of what we know and do not know about Ocean Acidification and introduces how a major experiment in the Arctic in May 2009 and May 2010 will progress our understanding. The prime goal is to help teachers and scientists to get started with collaborative projects, including through the follow-up of Arctic research through a blog project associated with physical meetings.

The leaflet, which is free of rights for any non-commercial use and can be widely distributed can be downloaded at http://www.carboeurope.org/education/epoca2009-edu-fullresolution.pdf or http://www.epoca-project.eu/images/education/epoca2009_single_pages.pdf 

For additional information regarding EPOCA and its Arctic Campaign 2009 for the study of the oceans in the Polar regions visit www.epocaarctic2009.wordpress.com

Further educational resources are offered both at www.carboschools.org and at http://www.epoca-project.eu/index.php/What-do-we-do/Education.html ("what we do" then "education").

Professional Football against Hunger
Recent developments from FAO :: YUNGA, 12 March 2009

FAO and EPFL (Association of European Professional Football Leagues) have launched the campaign "Professional Football against Hunger" :: Match Day against Hunger on 20-22 March 2009.

On this occasion, over 200 football clubs playing in more than 100 stadiums and millions of football fans will be involved in the first ever Europe-wide football weekend against hunger. This campaign aims at raising awareness about the plight of the 963 million people victims of starvation and the urgent need to fight world hunger and poverty, exacerbated by the ongoing food and economic crisis. The funds raised during the football weekend will help to finance TeleFood small-scale fighting hunger projects around the world.

See additional details at: http://www.epfl-europeanleagues.com/fao 

FAO press release: http://www.fao.org/news/story/en/item/10472/icode/


YUNGA :: - February 2009

World Bank Youthink! Website
Recent developments from YUNGA, 12 February 2009

Youthink! is a Webby-award winning website that aims to increase awareness and understanding of development issues among young people. The website also aims to engage youth to take action and get involved in the different aspects of development. The site has recently launched a blog, as a step toward these goals. The idea is to bring fresh voices, ideas and enthusiasm, to the site, and make Youthink! a social platform for youth discussion around development topics.

Recently, Youthink! has been focusing on Climate Change as one of the most pressing development topics in the world today. Get an overview of the issues through video interviews with young experts, photo galleries and slideshows. Also, a recent blog entry mentions various climate change-related events and projects you can take part in.

Drawing competition database now on-line
Recent developments from YUNGA, 9 February 2009

FAO and WAGGGS are please to announce that after many weeks of hard work by the team we have now managed to put all the drawing from the "Our World, Our Climate, Our Food" on-line for you to view.

You can access the drawing through: http://www.fao.org/climatechange/youth/en/

We hope you enjoy viewing all the wonderful pictures that were submitted. 

Look out for you drawing as they will also be used by FAO/WAGGGS to decorate publications. Web sites and other resources :o)

World Bank Invites Youth to Write about Climate Change
Recent developments from YUNGA, 4 February 2009

The World Bank has launched its annual international essay competition. This year's edition focuses on how young people up to 25 years old are affected by climate change, and how to tackle it with youth-led solutions.

The deadline for submissions, which may include videos and photos, is 22 February 2009. Authors should think how climate affects them in their country, town or local community, and evaluate its consequences, as well as the role of youth-led initiatives in the 'green economy.'

 For details see: www.essaycompetition.org

RESULTS OF THE INTERNATIONAL DRAWING COMPETITION :: "Our World, Our Climate, Our Food" Recent developments from YUNGA, 2 February 2009 

FAO and WAGGGS would like to thank the over 1400 participants from 46 countries who responded to the challenge of our logo competition with tremendous enthusiasm and very impressive artwork. The judges had such a hard task to decide the winners but finally a decision has been made. In addition, for each age group, we have also included a selection of drawings of "Special merit" to highlight the impressive and imaginative work that has been submitted. 

The results of the logo competition can be viewed at: www.fao.org/climatechange/youth/en/

The winners of each age group will be contacted shortly by FAO staff. 

A new competition will be announced soon, we hope you will respond again with such enthusiasm. 

As you submitted so many wonderful drawings we are putting then all on the Web for you to view. We will let you know as soon as they are available.


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