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Centenary Tree-Planting Ceremony between the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS)

Venue: FAO Headquarters, Rome, Italy
Date: Friday, 9 April 2010
Time: 16:30

The tree-planting ceremony

In the spirit of the longstanding collaboration between FAO and WAGGGS and to celebrate the 100 years of Girl Guiding a pomegranate tree was planted in FAO headquarters garden, in Rome Italy. Alexander Müller, Assistant Director General, Natural Resources Department, FAO and Fabiola Canavesi, Chairman of the European Committee of WAGGGS presented some of the achievements of the 40 year collaboration and highlighted the importance of engaging and encouraging youth, especially the 10 million members of WAGGGS, into being involved in issues of social and environmental concert such as climate change and biodiversity. Participants of the event, which included FAO staff, WAGGGS representatives, Italian Scouts, INGOs and other guests where informed that the planting of the tree showed the commitment to further strengthen collaboration in 2010 which is not only the centenary of Girl Guides but also the International Year of Biodiversity and the International Year of Youth. Read more...

See more photos of this event under:


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YUNGA Ambassador Valentina Vezzali at the Youth Olympic Games

The Youth Olympic Games (YOG) in Singapore will count on the prestigious appearance of the most honoured fencer in history. Valentina Vezzali, foilist, and YUNGA Ambassador has enthusiastically confirmed that she will attend these first YOG as fencing’s Ambassador. She will take part in different activities of the Culture and Education Programme arranged by the YOG’s Organising Committee. Valentina will interact with the young fencing athletes and with those from other sports taking part in these YOG, in particular she will have the opportunity to share her experience, answer any questions, pass down the Olympic values or attend other representative events. The FIE chose Valentina not only for her character as an everlasting champion and the mentality which has led her to great international victories for the last twelve or so years, but also for the values she conveys and how receptive she always proves to be.

Her achievements and records are very vast so here is just a summary of her most remarkable individual victories:

  • 3 times Olympic Champion (2000, 2004, 2008)
  • 5 times World Champion (1999, 2001, 2003, 2005, 2007)
  • 2 times Junior World Champion (1993, 1994)
  • 3 times Cadet World Champion (1989, 1990, 1991)
  • 4 times European Champion (1998, 1999, 2001, 2009)
  • 2 times Junior European Champion (1992, 1993)
  • 4 times University Games Champion (1995, 1997, 1999, 2001)
  • 2 times Mediterranean Games Champion (2001, 2009)
  • 13 times Italian Champion (from 1992 to 2009)
  • More than 60 Grand Prix and World Cup victories

It will certainly be difficult to equal Valentina’s list of achievements; the young athletes at Singapore will have the honour and chance to share some unforgettable moments with a great champion, who will certainly know how to pass down her sporting passion.

See Valentina Vezzali official site.

See Youth Olympic Games site.

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The UN-HABITAT Youth Fund - call for competitions

The Fund supports urban youth in developing countries. It aims to advance the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals and the Habitat Agenda by providing small grants of between USD 5,000 and USD 25,000 to youth-led projects piloting innovative approaches to employment, good governance, shelter and secure tenure.

To qualify for a grant, applicant organizations must be led by young people aged 15-32 and be based in cities or towns in developing countries. Support will be targeted to the young people who need assistance the most, particularly disadvantaged youth in urban slums.

For more information please download the promotional leaflet . You may also wish to read the nicely designed brochure .  

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Alliance for Climate Education launches a a hip-hop music video : Crush Global Warming

Alliance for Climate Education, a national nonprofit organization which presents dynamic climate change education programs to high schools, has just launched a personalized hip-hop music video that helps youth declare energy independence. The video supports the Declaration of Independence from Fossil Fuels, which was written by a 15-year-old, to encourage youth to reduce their dependence on greenhouse gas emitting fossil fuels. Youth ages 25 and under are invited to sign the petition, which students will deliver to key leaders involved in setting climate policy.

The video accompanying the Declaration, called "Crush Global Warming," uses photos from a user's Facebook profile to make him or her the star of a music video. “This video is the perfect storm of personalization, engaging music and images, and an inspiring message," said Pic Walker, Executive Director of ACE. "Fun social media technology like this is an important tool to advance our mission of educating youth about climate change."

This is part of one of the initiatives which supports the development of educational resources and the "Seal the deal" campaign, to which YUNGA also contributes.

To download the personalized music video click here.

To download the free animated banner add click here.

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YUNGA Ambassador to sing at Climate Change Concert in Copenhagen

©FAO/Giulio NapolitanoAnggun, singer-songwriter from Indonesia, recently named Youth and United Nations Global Alliance - YUNGA and FAO Goodwill Ambassador, will perform at United Nations Organization Dance 4 Climate Change Concert  at 8pm PARKEN Stadium, Copenhagen December 7th, on the opening day of the International Climate Summit. The event is a non-stop live concert event involving respective artists from around the world (including Akon, Shaggy and Youssou N’Dour) and will be broadcast in over 25 countries.

The concert will spread awareness worldwide on the implications of climate change, how people need to work together to protect their vulnerable planet and urging world leaders to seal the deal. Anggun is well-known for her true commitment to environmental issues and is naturally honoured to participate to such a significant global event.

Anggun has accepted to act as testimonial for the YUNGA initiative, to involve children and youth in environmental issues such as climate change and biodiversity . Anggun’s involvement in environmental issues is well-known for so many years. In 2008, she has done the voice-over for the BBC-produced film ‘Earth’ (‘Un Jour Sur Terre’ in France) and is the annual Ambassador for the Micro-Environment Awards organized by the French Ministry of Ecology & Natural Resources, and National Geographic Channel.

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"Food Security and Climate Change Challenge Badge” inspiring youth to act

 Rome, 16 of October 2009 – On World Food Day the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS) and the Youth and United Nations Global Alliance (YUNGA) will officially launch the Food Security and Climate Change Challenge Badge.

At FAO Headquarters in Rome, school children, Girl Guide and Scout groups and other participants will be introduced to the badge, which will motivate children and young people to learn about climate change and food security issues and inspire them to take action to reduce their foot print and impact on the environment. By completing the badge, youth around the world will become engaged in environmental work in their local communities. The badge is available to the 10 million WAGGGS members, other youth groups and schools all over the world and can be undertaken by anyone aged five to 20 years old.

Special guests Anggun, Indonesia singer and songwriter; Fanny Lu, Colombian singer and composer, and Valentina Vezalli, Italy’s World Olympic fencing champion will join the youth attendees at the launch event and award certificates to youths.

The badge curriculum is part of the “Our Climate, Our Food, Our World” initiative between FAO, WAGGGS, YUNGA and other partners, which develops educational resources and activities to engage youth in issues of climate change and food scarcity. The initiative has been made possible thanks to the support of the Swedish International Development Agency (Sida).

The badge design is based on the drawing of 16 year old Chan Hiu Wing from Hong Kong, who won the international drawing competition, in which 1400 entries were received from 49 countries around the world.

Anggun, Fanny Lu and Valentina Vezalli will present certificates to Chan Hiu Wing as well as seven Girl Guides and Girl Scouts from Naples who have completed the badge during the pilot phase. Other special guests include Mr. Michael Hjelmåker, Deputy Director at the Secretariat for EU Coordination and International Affairs, Ministry of Agriculture, Sweden and Ms Fabiola Canavesi, WAGGGS World Board member and Europe Region Chair. The event will be Chaired by Mr Peter Holmgren, Director of the Environment, Climate Change and Bioenergy Division, FAO.

Participants will learn about numerous activities they can take part in whilst doing the badge and taking action to counter climate change, including signing onto the “Unite for Climate Portal” (http://uniteforclimate.org/) and the “Seal the Deal” campaign (www.sealthedeal2009.org/) as well as other resources and initiatives which encourage children and youth to get more involved in activities that address environmental and social concerns at the national and international level.

Download the guide: http://www.fao.org/climatechange/media/18820/0/0/

Read more about the launch: http://www.wagggsworld.org/en/news/1488

See the pictures: http://www.flickr.com/photos/faonews/

For more details please contact Reuben Sessa, reuben.sessa@fao.org

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We need your help – Let's make it happen – SEAL THE DEAL!

14 July 2009 Climate change is already affecting us all, floods, droughts and storms are impacting millions of lives and damaging ecosystems. Clearly our planet needs our help.

On December 7, world leaders will gather in Copenhagen, Denmark, to respond to one of the greatest challenges facing humanity: climate change and sustainable economic growth. But how to protect the planet and create a green economy that will lead to long-term prosperity? The negotiations in Copenhagen will need to answer this question. Our existence depends on it.

Reaching a deal by the time the meeting ends on December 18 will depend not only on political negotiations but also on public pressure from around the globe. Public support must be galvanized. To do this, the United Nations has launched “Seal the Deal”, a campaign that encourages users to sign an online, a global petition which will be presented to world leaders. The petition will serve as a reminder that world leaders must negotiate a fair, balanced and effective agreement in Copenhagen, and that they must seal a deal to power green growth, protect our planet and build a more sustainable, prosperous global economy that will benefit all nations and all people.

Youth Action

FAO and YUNGA are supporting UNEP in mobilizing one million young people to march across one hundred capitals to deliver to global leaders the Seal the Deal Petition on behalf of the world’s three billion young people.

The petition aims to ensure the voices of youth reach, and hopefully inspire world leaders to sign a definitive climate deal in Copenhagen.

Let your voices be heard, let them know you want action, SIGN THE PETITION NOW AT: http://www.sealthedeal2009.org/petition/

It will only take a couple of minutes.

Now see how many of your friends you can get to sign the petition -> can you get over a 100 to sign? -> Yes you can -> lets go :o)



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"Our World, Our Climate, Our Food" youth education project

Competition winner 16 year old Chan Hiu Wing10 March 2009 Turquoise-coloured seas, a leafless tree clinging to cracked earth, and a latticework of young, outstretched arms.

These images were among those submitted by children and young adults from 46 countries, as part of an initiative designed to inspire youth to take action on climate change, the environment and food security. 

Young artists aged six to 20 submitted more than 1 400 drawings to the international competition to design the logo for the "Our World, Our Climate, Our Food" youth education project. The project was organized jointly by FAO and the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS), with the support of the Government of Sweden.

"Children and youths are concerned, thoughtful citizens capable of participating in, and changing, the society of which they are a part. They bring unique perspectives that need to be considered," Alexander Mueller, FAO Assistant Director-General, said.

"We must therefore do everything we can to instill environmental and social awareness. The drawing competition is the first step in achieving this, allowing young people from all over the world to participate actively," Mueller added. 

After the competition was announced in June 2008, a stunning array of designs poured in from around the world, showing both imagination and knowledge of the subject.

 "The artwork we received was of a very high standard and demonstrated great understanding of the issues of climate change and food security," said Bernadette Fischler, of WAGGGS. "We were so impressed that an online database has been created to allow everyone to view all the submissions and also thank all the children and young people for their great work."

16 year old Chan Hiu Wing winner of the competition

"While I was on the Internet to get inspiration, I was totally astonished by the numerous news items concerning climate change affecting our world," the overall winner of the drawing competition, Chan Hiu Wing, 16, from Hong Kong, said.

"Children and young people should give their support in the campaign against climate change. They should be more concerned about how human activities affect the world," Hiu Wing added.

Hiu Wing spent three months researching and designing her logo, which features the earth encircled by a multi-coloured stem of grain and the logo, "Our World, Our Climate, Our Food." On the surface of the globe, human figures work together to push against icons representing climate change.

The winning drawing, announced in February 2009, was selected by the judges for clearly illustrating the concept of tackling food security and climate change in a bright, positive and easily understood image which could be scaled down to a small Guide or Scout patch, or used on a large poster.

The drawing will now become the logo of the Climate Change Food Security initiative, which is intended to raise awareness and encourage children and young people all over the world to actively take on these issues in their local communities. To promote the initiative, a number of resources are being developed, including a Youth Guide, activity packs and a Challenge Badge, which young people can earn by completing a number of activities and commitments within their homes and in their communities.

The designs of many other artists, some of whom won awards in age-based categories, also will be used in developing the resource materials of the project. FAO and WAGGGS will present the project at the United Nations Climate Change Conference (UNFCCC), Conference of the Parties (COP), 7-18 December, 2009 in Copenhagen.

Full results of the logo competition can be viewed at: 

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