The 2013 International Drawing Competition

Protecting our fisheries - inheriting a healthier world 



Over 1000 drawings from 50 different countries have been received for the 2013 International Drawing Competition on protecting our fisheries! We are now delighted to announce the winners in each age category.

Category 1: 6-10 years old

1st place   2nd place  3rd place

Ivander Japutra
Aged 6, Indonesia

Aishi Basu
Aged 8, India
Julia Varga
Aged 8, Hungary


Category 2: 11-15 years old 

1st place 2nd place 3rd place
Aryton Andrés Hernández Correa
Aged 12, Uruguay
Lord Azhrin D. Bacalla
Aged 12, Phillippines
Ajibu Tarawallie
Aged 13, Sierra Leone


Category 3: 16-20 years old

1st place 2nd place 3rd place

         Paul Kevin F. Peralta
         Aged 18, Philippines

Daniela Borislavova Karaivanova
Aged 18, Bulgaria
Michelle Tayamora
Aged 17, Philippines



The International Drawing Competition: Protecting our fisheries - inheriting a healthier world was held as a part of a children and youth education initiative intended to enhance awareness of the importance of responsible fisheries among children and young people and to provide them with the knowledge that can help them to become responsible adults and active agents of change in our society. Relevant information about the challenges that our environment is facing today is an essential tool for enabling children and young people to take responsible action in their communities and, therefore, strengthen their participation in the protection, preservation and improvement of our natural resources.

The International Drawing Competition, linked to The Stop IUU Fishing Award/2013 (, allowed children and youth to express why protecting our fisheries is important to inheriting a healthier world through their artwork and drawings. The competition was open to young people from around the world between the ages of 6 and 20 years old. The submission deadline was April 15th, 2013. 

Prizes are as follows:

  • US$500 were awarded to the winner of each age group (6-10, 11-15 and 16-20 years old),
  • US$200 to the runner up of each age group; and
  • US$100 to the third best drawing of each age group.

In addition, Certificates of Recognition, signed by a United Nations official were given to participants. Last but not least, the winning artworks and many others are being used in logos, posters, FAO publications (distributed worldwide), T shirts and activity badges. 

See the original drawing competition form here: 

last updated:  Friday, February 14, 2014